Set yourself up for success with registering your company in Germany! As one of the world’s leading business locations with a stable economic system and legal structure, forming a company in Germany will allow you to take advantage of many diverse opportunities. Germany is recognized as not only European but the world’s economic force.

The most popular option is a private limited company. Germany’s private limited company is called GmbH. Another form of private limited liability company is called UG (also known as Mini-GmbH). The main difference between these two forms of private limited companies is the minimum share capital. For a GmhH the minimum share capital is 25000€ but only half of it needs to be deposited straight away. UG on the other hand can be formed with as little as 1€ of share capital. The higher share capital of a GmbH offers more prestige to the company and makes it a more respected and accepted business partner.

The formation can be done entirely remotely under POA without a visit to Germany. Shareholders can sign the POA before a notary public or in a German embassy or consulate.

Executive Consultancy can assist you in:
- drafting and submitting all the necessary documents
- notarization process
- bank account opening
- application to the Commercial register
- business registration
- tax office registration

Pricing depends on the individual requirements - starting from €2500 for GmbH, and 1000€ for UG.

Prices do not include:
- share capital: 25000€ for GmbH (only half can be paid at the company formation) and at least 1€ for UG
- notary fees: approx. 850€
- Commercial register and business registration fees: approx. 200€

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