As the #1 country in the world of digital life, Estonia is a pioneer in adopting new technologies. Estonia was one of the first countries whose government adopted blockchain technology into its public e-services. It was also one of the first countries to offer a cryptocurrency license.

The Virtual Currency Service Provider license combines previously two separate licenses:
● cryptocurrency custody and wallet services license
● cryptocurrency exchange operator license

Businesses wishing to engage in cryptocurrency business now only need to apply for a Virtual Currency Service Provider License. Since Estonia is a member of the EU, obtaining a license in Estonia allows businesses to operate in all other member states.

To apply for the license, companies must establish a place of business in Estonia and have a local director. The AML officer must be a professional with an impeccable reputation, who will have to be approved by the regulator by undergoing an interview. Share capital in the amount of at least €250000 must be fully paid up and the company will need to open a bank account with an Estonian financial institution.

Our full package covers:
- Company formation with e-residency card/under POA
- Business account opening
- Registered office (for the first 6 months)
- Local director (for the first 6 months)
- AML officer (for the first 6 months)
- Accounting (for the first 6 months)
- Preparation of AML/KYC procedures
- State fees
- Submission of the application
- Dealing with the regulator

The price for the full package is €60000, not including the minimum share capital.

Executive Consultancy has a track record of securing crypto licenses in Estonia. Our dedicated team of professionals will assist you in completing all required documentation and will walk you through the entire process of acquiring a crypto license.

Schedule your consultation with Executive Consultancy today. We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and support you every step of the way.